About us

Welcome to Sizzll – the home of specialist sausage cookware!

I am Rupert Scott, and like most of the UK population I love a succulent sausage.

However, there are two things about cooking sausages that used to take the shine off the experience of cooking and eating sausages:

I put my mind to solving these two problems many years ago but without success. And then in 2017 I decided to really set about methodically understanding the problem and designing a much improved grill pan. Having studied production management in the 1980s I am also passionate about designing and making products in the UK. I made sure that the design lent itself to being made economically, which has resulted in the tooling and the products themselves being designed and made in the UK. The benefit to me is that I can easily control the quality and manufacture in much smaller batch sizes, making this exciting project viable.

Finally, I am passionate about you enjoying easy to cook, succulent sausages. Why not invite some family / friends round and tuck into a great all-day cooked breakfast, bangers and mash or any one of dozens of fantastic sausage dishes?

Let's get sizzlling!

More fun.   Less fat.   Less faff.

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