8 great benefits of the Sizzll sausage pan

1  Great tasting sausages

Grill or bake with the Sizzll pan to create delicious sausages without the fat or the faff!

2  Full control under the grill

The patented shape stops the sausages rolling - a couple of turns and you’re done.

3  Evenly cook in the oven

The pan’s shape lifts the sausages out of the fat and with low sides it produces evenly cooked sausages.

4  Healthier

The fat drains away during cooking.

5  Pour away the fat easily

Drain away easily whilst warm.

6  Easy to wash up

It fits in the sink and there are no dirt traps.

Use a scourer if necessary – the pan is made from high quality European stainless steel.

7  Finish off in the dishwasher

The compact size fits in standard dishwashers.

8  It makes a great gift

A great gift idea for men and women: birthdays, Father's Day and Christmas.


It cooks them beautifully and loved the no mess.

Matt Le Tissier (Football television presenter and former professional player for England)

I used the Sizzll pan for grilling and baking and found it very useful and easy to use, especially when grilling and needing to rotate the sausages.
Also it was so much easier to clean than a standard grill tray.  I would definitely recommend and use it again!

Marcus, butcher, The Butchers' Tap, Marlow (owned by TV Chef Tom Kerridge)

Our Westaway sausages worked well in the oven. With a little oil to baste at first, they browned all over without turning, didn’t stick and the pan was easy to clean.

We had some guests staying with us who were really impressed.

Charles Baughan, Managing Director, Westaway Sausages Ltd, Devon

Mortimer Sausage Company awards you 10 out of 10 for your Sizzll pan.
Excellent cooking of product and easy to clean.  Good for use under the grill or in the oven.

Glyn Charlesworth, Owner of Mortimer Sausage Company, Mortimer, Berkshire