King's Farm Shop

Front of the farm shop in Wendover


a: Nash Lee End, Wendover, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP22 6BH



Garry King established the business in Wendover back in 1981, where it still stands today.  His son Matt now plays a large role in the running of the farm shop.

The business sells a wide variety of meat, cheeses, quiches, condiments and vegetables from the local area, including 12 varieties of sausage that are all made on the premises.

Sausage-making goes back a long way in the King’s family: Granny King was using a recipe that included sage and nutmeg from 1890.  This original recipe was the first flavoured sausage at Kings’s where it has been sold since 1981.

Today their signature sausage is the ‘Wendover Royal’, which includes rosemary, thyme and some spicy red pepper.  The exact recipe for the sausage is a secret!


King’s stock some pretty serious beef joints.


Wendover Royal sausages being prepared


Sausage types sold

Wendover Royal sausages

Wendover Royal chipolatas

Honey roast sausages

Honey roast chipolatas

Cracked black pepper sausages

Chili & garlic sausages

Pork & leek sausages

Pork & Stilton sausages

Gluten free sausages

Honey roast sausage meat