Pigs in blankets

Sufficient for 4 people per Sizzll pan (2 sausages each)

Nothing makes a roast taste better than Pigs in Blankets.  Don’t just have them with turkey once a year – enjoy the succulent flavour with a roast chicken too.

They are so easy to do in the Sizzll pan.  And there is sufficient space in a standard oven for 2 Sizzll pans on one shallow shelf – allowing you to cook some roasted parsnips and carrots alongside the Pigs in Blankets.  This leaves you plenty of oven height for a big roast joint, potatoes and possibly some Yorkshire puddings if you have enough shelves.



Chipolata sausages

Streaky bacon – smoked for extra flavour



Cut off any fat not required on the bacon.

Wrap one length of bacon around each chipolata sausage.

Place each bacon covered sausage on the pan in the trough areas.

Add some pepper if required.

The pigs in blankets held steady and ready for baking.