Buy Sausage Cookware

The Sizzll Sausage Pan was originally in just stainless steel.  But now it's also available in heavy-duty, vitreous enamel in a great range of colours.
All the pans improve cooking in the oven and under the grill.  They drain the fat.  And the washing up afterwards is so easy!

The Sizzll Sausage Rest is made in high quality cast iron made from 90% recycled iron.

  • Sizzll Sausage Pan: Black vitreous enamelled

  • Sizzll Sausage Pan: Cream and black vitreous enamelled

  • Sizzll Sausage Pan: Electric blue vitreous enamelled

  • Sizzll sausage pan: stainless steel

  • Sizzll Sausage Rest: cast iron