What's the best way to cook sausages?

Whether you like to oven-bake or grill your sasuages, the best way to cook sausages is using the Sizzll sausage pan.  You can also use it to cook lots of other tasty food such as roasted carrots, potato wedges and parsnips.  And for those that love a tasty all-day cooked breakfast, you can cook mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and bacon alongside your sausages at the same time - all using only one pan!

Check out our growing tasty recipe area for ideas of how to cook whole meals on just the one pan!.

How to cook sausages under the grill

Place up to 8 sausages in the trough areas of the Sizzll pan and then place the pan under the grill.

The Sizzll pan can either be placed on the grill pan supplied with your oven or directly on the metal oven shelf racks. For standard sized oven grills two Sizzll pans can normally be placed side by side on the metal racks, allowing 16 sausages to be cooked on one shelf.

Ensure that the sausages are not too close to the radiant grill above. Lower the pan and / or the heat if excessive fat is spitting on to the heater element. It can help sometimes to prick sausages to reduce spitting (good sausages should not need this though!).
Once the first sides of the sausages are cooked rotate by one-third and then again to complete.

Follow sausage manufacturer’s instructions.

How to cook sausages in the oven

For grease drained, oven cooked sausages, simply place up to 8 sausages in the trough areas and load the Sizzll pan into the oven. Turn over half way if necessary (with a good oven it usually isn't).

Follow sausage manufacturer’s instructions.

Wet and slippery sausages

Defrosted sausages will sometimes be a bit wet and slippery. To stop them sliding about simply dry them off using kitchen towel. Then place them in the trough areas and cook as described above.

General advice when cooking sausages

Use oven gloves when removing the Sizzll pan from the oven / grill when hot.

We do not accept liability for damage or injury caused as a result of improper use.

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Cleaning up after cooking sausages

Clean the Sizzll pan well before first use using hot, soapy water.

Because there are no dirt traps and it’s made of high quality materials cleaning the Sizzll pan is so easy:

Use a dishwasher or proprietary cleaner, such as Hob Brite, to clean any staining to the surface.  Make sure that you thoroughly clean off products like Hob Brite before using for cooking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Sizzll sausage pan the best method of cooking sausages?

The Sizzll pan, which is designed for grilling or baking sausages, involves less fat, less faff and therefore more fun.

The patent pending shape ensures that you can rotate sausages during the cooking process to face the way that you want and hold them steady – so you don’t have the aggravation of them rolling around, leading to uneven cooking: some burnt, some undercooked.

The sausages are raised up and any fat that comes out during the cooking process drains to 2 long collection areas below the sausages: a vast improvement on baking in a flat pan.

When baking, the sausages are cooked much more evenly because of the shape of the pan: the sides are very low and the sausages are raised up out of the fat, which means that the heat moves around the sausages more evenly.

The Sizzll sausage pan is so easy to wash up: it fits in the sink (unlike your giant grill pan); it has no dirt traps and after 5 mins of hot soaking the dirt from cooking is easy to wash away. Use a nylon scourer if necessary.

And to add to it all, it fits neatly in standard dishwashers.

How does a Sizzll pan stop the sausages from rolling?

The reason that sausages roll around on a standard grill pan is generally because they curl up when you heat them on one side only to begin with. After this has happened it can be very difficult to rotate and hold all the sausages steady, which is very frustrating! The patented design of the Sizzll pan accommodates any shape of sausage: flat, mildly curved or noticeably curved. The sausages rest in their middle areas on the raised ‘bumps’ and the ends can rest downwards as required.

Why is it so much easier to clean the Sizzll pan?

The Sizzll pan is sized to fit in all standard sinks for easy hot water soaking - five minutes lifts off almost all the dirt from the stainless steel because the pan only has smooth profiles. It is also sized to fit in the dishwasher to finish it off, leaving a very clean result. Proprietary oven cleaning products like Hob Brite also bring up a great finish where any stains appear, particularly after baking with it several times.

In contrast, the standard grill pan supplied with an oven is not easy to clean after you have grilled sausages – it is arguably the worst job in the kitchen! There are so many dirt traps and the overall pan doesn’t fit in the sink. As we have all experienced, you end up with fatty water on your clothes and the wall around the sink!

Where does the fat drain?

The sausages are raised up and any fat that comes out during the cooking process drains to 2 long collection areas below the sausages: a vast improvement on baking in a flat pan.

How many and what sized sausages can you cook?

The Sizzll pan is sized so that 2 pans can be used side by side in standard ovens in both the grill area or on an oven shelf. Each pan has 8 locations for sausages. The pan has been designed to accommodate thin chipolatas up to large butcher-size sausages (max 4 oz / 100g per sausage).

Can you fit 2 Sizzll pans on one oven shelf?

Yes, standard sized ovens can accommodate 2 pans, side by side, on both a grill shelf and and an oven shelf.

In the case of range cookers such as Aga, Esse and Everhot, 2 pans will fit one in front of the other.  Use the shelves in the oven rather than trying to place the pan in the cast iron runners: it will scratch the pans.